You linked an email address to your Trello account when you created it. That’s fantastic since it guarantees that you keep informed and can get notifications for new content on your boards.

But if you have numerous boards, each has its own random, unique email address that you can use to generate cards by sending an email. The format of these addresses is [email protected], where USERNAME is your Trello username. This email address is now fixed; however, you can create new ones. How come you would want to do that? I’ll elaborate.

What is The Purpose?

Remember that you can produce board cards from emails using that email address. To turn an email into a card, format it as follows:

1. The card’s title appears in the email subject.
2. The description of the card appears in the email’s body.
3. The email’s attachments will be added to the card.
4. Use hashtags like #projectx and #projecty in the subject to add labels.
5. Use the @ symbol in the subject, for example, @jack, to add members.

Members will be added to the card and notified when you add them using the @ sign in the subject. The title will be tidied up, and the member’s name removed from the subject. Remember that sending an email to generate a card on a particular column is not an option. These cards will appear in the first column on the left. Because of this, you might even think about creating a particular column just for email cards, which you would then move to the appropriate columns if you know you’ll be making many cards via email.

– You can perform the following tasks using this feature:

– Add bug reports as cards from users

– Get community feedback and feature requests

– Capture sales lead and demo requests

– Manage orders

– Manage your hiring funnel

– Add client feedback

– Allow for guest content submissions

How to locate Your random Trello board Email

Now that I have peaked your attention, let me demonstrate how to retrieve that email address and create a new one in case the board email address is in the wrong hands, such as spam.

You must log into your Trello account and then go to the board you wish to work with to access a board email address. Once on the board, select Email-To-Board Settings by clicking the three-dot menu button in the top right corner (Figure A).

Figure A

In the resulting pop-up (Figure B), you’ll see the email address associated with the board.

Figure B

There are two things you can do in this situation. You can create a brand-new email address first. It’s crucial to realize that the original email address will stop functioning if you produce a new one. Ensure your genuine members who use that address are informed of the change.

Instead of constantly copying and pasting the address, you can also email it to yourself, which might make adding it to your address book simpler.

That’s all there is to know about using and maintaining your email address for your Trello board. If you use this feature wisely, it will significantly streamline your workflow.