WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging platforms in India and worldwide. There are a lot of features hidden in the app, but some of the tricks available outside the app on every Android phone are not widely known. Also, One such trick is the ability to read full WhatsApp messages without opening the messaging app.

How to View Message

Of course, you can always read your WhatsApp messages in the notification panel when they arrive, but the messaging app doesn’t show full notes if they are long. Sometimes you don’t want to immediately open a message to avoid keeping a chat on seen and want to know the gist of it to know if you are missing out on important messages. Also, There might be several reasons for many to read some of the WhatsApp messages without opening the app. Well, you don’t need to worry if you are one of those. We have got you cover. Keep reading to find answers to your question.

Let’s See The Trick

The process is not complicated and takes just a minute to set up. The trick is pretty simple, and people who know how to use a widget will easily be able to use it. Here is how you can read full WhatsApp messages without opening the messaging app.

Step 1: Android phone users must first long press on the main screen’s homepage.

Step 2: Now, Click on Widgets, and your smartphone will display all the widgets on the screen.

How to View Message

Step 3: Keep scrolling down until you find the WhatsApp widget.

Step 4: Tap on the WhatsApp widget, which will add to your homepage. You can then long press on the device and drag it on the right side until you get a clean homepage screen interface.

How to View Message

Step 5: Click on the Done button. Long press the widget and shift it to the top. Will then get the option to extend the device and expand it to full screen. This will make it easier to read full messages pretty quickly.

How to Read all WhatsApp messages

Once you have successfully set up the WhatsApp widget on one of the homepages, you need to scroll down to read all the letters. The messages are aligned according to the chats in the app. Also, The latest news will be on top and all the previous ones
you haven’t read will be visible below it.

What to keep in mind?

People need to avoid tapping on any of the messages in the widget because this will open the chat on WhatsApp, and the platform will show that the receiver has read the messages.

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