With several new features, Microsoft just published another upgrade for its Windows 11 operating system. Some of these, like easy access to the Task Manager by right-clicking on the Taskbar, were promised by Microsoft while others were user requests.

The largest change may be the inclusion of tabs to Windows’ default File Explorer. Like with a contemporary web browser, you may access many file folders simultaneously, displayed in tabs. Even the option to pin the ones you use the most is available.

Windows 11 may now propose frequently used actions and contacts to share files with, and the deeper OneDrive connection allows you to follow changes and comments across shared files with coworkers, for example. The technology can also identify future dates, allowing you to click to add an event to your calendar or other sorts of messages like phone numbers or emails. When you click on the text in Windows, you may call using Phone Link, Teams, or Skype.

Although not new to Windows in general, the Taskbar Overflow feature is a wonderful addition to Windows 11 in particular. Now that more applications may be added to the Taskbar, an “overflow” button will allow you to view all pinned apps that are still present.

The if the files are on your local storage or even desktop, sharing them with other devices and applications has never been simpler.

Microsoft intends to deliver a better gallery with streamlined browsing, location sorting, and administration, therefore the Photos app is awaiting a significant overhaul. Additionally planned is a deeper connection for simpler OneDrive backup.

While a larger deployment is anticipated next month along with the security upgrade, the update appears to be accessible for anyone who selected the optional non-security preview release.