China is in danger from the new Covid version, known as BF.7. The nation possibly has 10 lakh cases of COVID and 5,000 COVID-related fatalities daily. Compared to the previous Covid wave, it is reportedly the disease’s largest outbreak. India is likewise on high alert as the neighboring nation fights the undetectable foe. The government has issued a warning for caution and is screening all international travelers. Residents are urged to take their Covid booster dose to prepare their immune systems to combat the virus.

The Covid booster dosage is crucial since the protection offered by the previous two vaccine doses will inevitably wane with time. Therefore, the booster dose will aid the immune system’s defense against the virus that causes severe coronavirus sickness. Therefore, if you have not had the booster shot, it is strongly advised that you do so because the number of Covid cases is rapidly increasing in many other nations, including China, Japan, Spain, Argentina, and many more. Additionally, there is a chance that the ensuing wave will impact India.

Which booster dose should one get?

The booster dose is the third injection of the vaccine you received. You must have the booster shot from the same vaccination brand, for instance, if you received the COVAXIN or Covishield dose.

Where is the booster dose for Covid available

You can receive the booster dose at any public or private immunization facility. You must carry your final immunization certificate, including information on both the first and second doses. “citizens must possess their last immunization certificate (with details of both earlier doses). “HCWs, FLWs, and Citizens aged 60 years or more shall continue to get precautionary dosage immunization at any CVC, including free vaccination at Government Vaccination Centers, using the same mobile number and ID card used for prior doses.” “cites the Cowin website’s official statement.

How to book for Covid-19 booster dose online

– You can book your booster vaccine appointment online through the Cowin website or the Aarogya Setu app.

– To book vaccination from Cowin, open the official portal on any web browser.

– Log into the website using your registered mobile number. Should enter the same mobile number registered while taking your first two doses of the vaccine.

– You can find the vaccine certification of all your previous doses on the Cowin website. You can also download the vaccine certificate for future use.

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