WhatsApp is more than just a messaging service; it also enables users to how to send and receive files, GIFs, stickers, and movies. The meta-owned app periodically introduces new features to improve user usability and privacy. The internal memory of the smartphone becomes congested as a result of all the shared material and data from the new updates piling up in storage.

The gadget becomes sluggish due to the full storage, and even WhatsApp asks users to clear space in order to continue using the service. One must delete app data, such as huge videos, images, or files kept on their phone that they no longer use in order to make room.

Here are a few methods for managing your WhatsApp media and deleting unwanted stuff. How do I view my WhatsApp storage, though?

Check how much space WhatsApp is using on your cell phones before removing any data. The things can be later deleted to free up internal storage. To view data from WhatsApp:

To manage storage, go to WhatsApp > Settings > Storage and data. You can view how much space WhatsApp media is using up in your phone’s accessible memory.

How to review and delete WhatsApp media

After viewing storage, you can review media and free up storage by deleting items that are large or have been forwarded many times. You can also delete media as per chat. To review and delete media:

  • Under Manage Storage, tap on ‘Larger than 5 MB’, or select a specific chat.
  • You can also sort media by tapping the sort icon to by Newest, Oldest, or Largest.
  • Select and tap on individual or multiple media and then delete them.

Please take note that media may still be accessible on your phone’s storage even after you delete it from WhatsApp. In order to remove it permanently, also remove it from the gallery.

In case you deleted some files accidentally you can also restore deleted WhatsApp photos and videos

How to delete WhatsApp media through search

You can also delete individual media by using the new filter search feature.

  • Open the WhatsApp CHATS tab and then tap on Search.
  • Select Photos, Videos, or Documents whatever media you want to search and delete.
  • Tap and open the item you want to delete.
  • Now tap on More > Delete.

Set a limit to WhatsApp upload quality

WhatsApp also allows users to set limits to media upload quality. To do so-

  • Open WhatsApp Settings
  • Tap on Storage and data
  • Under the available options on Media upload quality, set Auto, Best quality or Data saver.

Users can also control the automatic download of media, preventing unneeded files from being downloaded via Wi-Fi or mobile connection.

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