The most significant feature of the iPhone 14—aside from a potent CPU and a few upgrades—was the Crash detection tool, which uses satellite networks to notify authorities in the event of accidents. Two people were involved in an automobile accident in the Grand Canyon region of America, but their lives were spared thanks to the collision detection technology on the iPhone 14. According to accounts, the two men’s automobile skidded off the road in the Canyon region and they lost control of it. Although the men were unharmed, they were unable to ask for assistance because there was no network in the region.

Two men reportedly lost control of their car and fell from the road in the canyon area of Montrose Canyon, California, in the United States, according to GizChina. Although they were not seriously hurt, they had trouble getting in touch with others for assistance because the network was down. Crash detection on the iPhone 14 saved them at that point. The two made use of the function to alert the local authorities through satellite. Both the Apple Watch and the Apple iPhone 14 models have crash detection capability.

iPhone Features

Your iPhone or Apple Watch will sound an alarm and display an alert when a serious auto accident is discovered. According to Apple, Crash Detection is intended to identify serious auto accidents involving sedans, minivans, SUVs, pickup trucks, and other passenger automobiles, including frontal, side, and rear-end collisions as well as rollers. The Apple Watch’s crash detection capability was previously released by Apple.

The function has its drawbacks even if it has saved lives. The iPhone 14 recently attracted trolls when it mistook a rollercoaster for a car accident. The phone promptly phoned the police after detecting the “collision.”

Notably, the Crash Detection feature is activated by default if you own an Apple Watch, an iPhone 14, or iPhone 14 Pro model. After a serious car accident, you do have the choice to switch off the feature and automated emergency calls. According to Apple, if you turn off these calls and alerts on one of your associated devices, your other paired devices will also do the same.

Go to the Settings app, press Emergency SOS, and then turn off the call after a serious auto accident to turn it off.

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