Microsoft recently announced the all-new Bing, which will redefine online search and be powered by technology similar to that of ChatGPT. The company said that the new Bing will run on a new OpenAI large language model that is “more powerful than ChatGPT and customized specifically for search.” Microsoft is competing with Google directly with the launch of Bing, and people are eager to use the new AI-powered search engine. However, Microsoft’s experiments with AI won’t be stopping here.

The company is reportedly ready to incorporate AI into other tools like Word, Powerpoint, and Outlook. Reports of Microsoft planning to roll out AI-powered versions of these tools have been around for quite some time. However, the latest scoop is that the same might happen as early as next month.

More ChatGPT-Powered Solutions from Microsoft are probably coming out in March

Microsoft launches AI-powered Word, PowerPoint, Outlook

As per a report in The Verge, Microsoft is preparing to show the world how its Office apps will be transform by ChatGPT-like technology. Sources told The Verge that the company is preparing to showcase these plans in the next couple of weeks and will most likely announce the same in March.

Earlier, The Information had reported that GPT models were being tested to suggest e-mail replies in Outlook and improve users’ writing in Word. However,
nothing has been officially announce as of now.

Microsoft launches AI-powered Word, PowerPoint, Outlook

Microsoft’s all-new Bing

Microsoft launched a new version of Bing last week that some users can access as of now. Users need to join the waiting list by visiting Bing’s homepage to get access. The new Bing promises an array of user benefits and aims to change how
we look things up on the internet.

“The new Bing gives you an improved version of the familiar search experience. It provides more relevant results for simple things like sports scores, stock prices, and weather, along with a new sidebar that shows more comprehensive
answers if you want them,” the company said.

Talking about their partner, OpenAI (ChatGPT’s parent firm). Microsoft said, “Together with OpenAI, we’ve also intentionally implemented safeguards to defend against harmful content. Our teams are working to address issues such as misinformation and, disinformation, content blocking. Data safety, and preventing the promotion of harmful or discriminatory content in line with our AI principles.”

Microsoft and OpenAI had recently announced strengthening their partnership and entered into a multi-billion dollar deal. OpenAI is the parent company of viral chatbot ChatGPT and has Sam Altman as its CEO.

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