Elon Musk is rebuilding Twitter with new personnel and objectives. The billionaire sacked hundreds of workers shortly after the acquisition in October and declared his intention to hire new personnel and create Twitter 2.0 from scratch. George Hotz, an iPhone hacker from 2007, was just hired by Musk to work as a 12-week intern at Twitter. Although the billionaire required him to improve the Twitter search, it seems Hotz couldn’t handle Musk’s strict work environment.

In the latter half of November, Hotz started working as an intern with Twitter. Hotz announced his departure from Twitter and said he was no longer a community member less than a month after becoming a tweep.

Hotz said that he “valued the opportunity, but didn’t think there was any significant influence I could make there,” but he did not say whether he left his job or whether Musk asked him to. Additionally, it was depressing to watch my GitHub wilt. He continued, “Back to coding!” in the tweet.

Even though Hotz hasn’t explained

why is he leaving Twitter, some of his earlier posts hint that he and Musk couldn’t make things work? Hotz recently polled Twitter users about whether or not he should leave his position as an intern at Twitter. Most users disagreed with the choice, but it appears Hotz had already made up his mind and left Twitter.

Since he started working as a Twitter intern, Hotz has often questioned Musk’s choices. Based on previous occurrences, Musk immediately fired any employees who challenged his judgment. Musk once dismissed an engineer from his company after the engineer called Musk a liar on Twitter. Another time, the billionaire fired some workers for discussing Musk negatively in a Slack forum for the business. Given Musk’s track record, it is highly likely that Hotz had a falling out with the CEO and is no longer employed by the company.

Elon Musk has a reputation for terminating people abruptly. Thousands of Twitter employees have been let go by the billionaire so far. In contrast, some workers have willingly left the company because they are not ready to operate under Musk’s strict atmosphere. Compared to previous Twitter standards, Musk now demands that staff put in extra time and attend work every day. The company is alleged to have converted several workplaces in the US into bedrooms complete with a bed, sofa, air purifier, and other amenities. The purpose is to make employees work continuously to create Twitter 2.0.

Musk is searching for:

A new Twitter CEO while also constructing Twitter 2.0, but he is holding onto control of the company. “As soon as I find someone naive enough to accept the CEO position, I will step down! After that, I’ll solely be in charge of the software and server teams, Musk stated in a recent tweet. Musk doesn’t want to cede his power to anyone, at least not anytime soon,

even though he wants to formally leave his position as CEO of Twitter.

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