Nearly every month, WhatsApp introduces new features and security updates. Numerous unique features, such as WhatsApp’s avatar, community, status reactions, and so forth, were introduced in 2022. The instant messaging service owned by meta is prepared to add more features. Because It has to improve user experience and privacy as 2023 draws closer. Online users can choose from various discussions utilizing a new feature that WhatsApp is working on.

WhatsApp will soon allow users to select multiple chats; details here

Recently, WhatsApp unveiled a new tool called Accidental Delete for its users. This feature is intended to protect users in challenging scenarios. Where they have sent a message to the incorrect individual or group and unintentionally clicked on “Delete for me” rather than “Delete for everyone.”
Currently, another proper function is being developed for the chat network owned by Meta. According to reports, the business is growing a feature to let WhatsApp Desktop users choose numerous chats.

According to a report by WABetaInfo, the platform is currently developing a feature that would let users of WhatsApp Desktop beta pick several chats. Users will be able to choose and delete individual conversations as well as manage their chat list using the new feature.

The ‘Select Chats’ function will be available once it is introduced in the chat menu. Users can choose multiple chats and do actions like muting and marking chats as read or unread for several conversations. Notably, the function is being worked on and should be made available shortly for testing with upcoming releases of WhatsApp Desktop beta.

WhatsApp is adding the ability to report status updates

WhatsApp is also developing a new feature that will increase platform security. According to rumors, WhatsApp is working on a “report status function” that will let users report any suspicious status update that can go against the platform’s rules and conditions. Although WhatsApp already allows users to convey messages and profiles, this will make it easier for users to write any damaging status updates.

Beta testing of the feature is anticipated to start soon. The status report feature will not compromise the platform’s end-to-end encryption. Instead, WhatsApp will only investigate the reported state if a user raises a flag.

In its previous report, WABetaInfo shared a screenshot of the upcoming feature revealing the possibility of reporting a status update right within a new menu in the status section. “Note that this feature does not break end-to-end encryption. As claimed by ProPublica last year due to a misunderstanding since messages, voice calls, media, location sharing, calls, and status updates. Those are protected by the end-to-end encryption protocol on all of your devices:

It means that nobody, not even WhatsApp and Meta, can see the content of your messages. And also listen to your private calls, but it is essential to bring a report option to keep the platform and other people safe,” adds the report.
The report further added. The feature is in the developmental stage and is expected to soon release for WhatsApp Desktop users.

Launching the “undo delete for me” feature on WhatsApp

In preparation for the major launch, WhatsApp made the “delete for me” feature available to everyone last week. IOS, Android, and desktop computer users can now recover a message they unintentionally erased. Now, users may quickly recover a communication that was unintentionally erased.

Feature of WhatsApp Select Chats

The portal that follows changes to WhatsApp builds, WABetal info, has reported. The messaging service will soon allow users to pick numerous chats on the WhatsApp Desktop version. The function is currently being tested on WhatsApp Desktop beta.

WABetai info added the following, using screenshots: “Multiple chat selection is a feature under development. And It will be made available in a later update of WhatsApp Desktop beta. However, we don’t know when it will be launched. We’ll write another item on this page as soon as further information regarding this function becomes available.”

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