Only a few months have passed since Apple unveiled the iPhone 14, yet customers do not appear enthusiastic about the new iPhone model. This is because the iPhone 14 isn’t a significant improvement over the iPhone 13. There are only a few minor differences between the iPhone 14 and 13. Due to this, few people are looking to upgrade their current iPhone model to the iPhone 14, preferring to wait for the iPhone 15.

According to history, Apple will probably release the iPhone 15 in the fall of next year. Even though the next iPhone model’s release is over a year away, rumors and leaks have already begun to surface, providing information on the iPhone 14’s replacement. According to words, Apple will make significant improvements to the iPhone 15, which hasn’t been the case with the iPhone 14 this year, perhaps due to supply chain limitations.

Apple is anticipated to significantly upgrade the iPhone 15 in the following year. Let’s quickly review the new features we expect for the upcoming iPhone model.

-Better hardware: The iPhone 14 ships with the same outdated processor as the iPhone 13. But with the iPhone 15, that probably won’t be the case. The A17 Bionic processor, a new bionic chipset, is anticipated to be included in the next generation of iPhones. This year, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus use an A15 Bionic processor, while the Pro models have an A16 Bionic processor. According to specific reports, Qualcomm’s modem processors will continue to be used in the iPhone 15 and other 2023 models.

-USB Type C: The EU has mandated that all mobile phones be charged using a standard USB Type C charger. The rules also apply to Apple. So, future iPhone models will likely have a USB Type C port instead of a lightning port. India is also thinking about implementing a standard charging regime very soon. The government is presently in negotiations.

-Dynamic Island: This year, Apple debuted a new kind of notch dubbed Dynamic Island, although it’s only compatible with Pro models. Dynamic Island is anticipated to be made available on all iPhone 15 models. Will Apple eventually discontinue the wide-notched design it unveiled with the iPhone X? Time will tell.”

-Periscope lens: For years, rumors have circulated that Apple is developing a Periscope lens. It’s possible that the long-awaited Periscope lens will eventually appear in iPhone 15 models, bringing optical zoom capabilities. According to rumors, Apple may increase the current iPhone 14 Pro models’ 3x optical zoom to 5x or 10x with a periscope lens.

-Better battery life: Apple upgrades the iPhones’ batteries with each new model. Compared to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, the iPhone 14 has a marginally more extended battery life, and the iPhone 15 will continue this tradition. In other words, we can anticipate that the iPhone 15 will easily last a day.

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