Twitter is seeing further unrest as a result of high-profile employees quitting and ongoing changes to the verified account regulations.

Concerns about the way Twitter is taking under its new billionaire boss have been expressed by users both on and off the platform.

Less than two days after being deleted, the grey “Official” badges were reinstated.

And as of right now, it’s being said that Twitter has stopped allowing individuals to sign up for its Twitter Blue membership service.

Elonmusk Twitter Account

The new subscription service, in which users pay for a blue check mark, has reportedly been temporarily delayed while impersonation issues are resolved, according to the Washington Post.

The Federal Trade Commission stated that it was following the situation with “great concern.”

Mr. Musk fired 3,700 people in his first few weeks as CEO, but he hadn’t spoken to the vast majority of Twitter employees who were still employed there.

‘The road ahead is arduous and will require intense work to succeed,’ he warned in his first email to the staff.

“There is a good chance Twitter won’t survive the upcoming economic downturn without significant subscription revenue,” he said.

Then, a number of important executives left the position.

Lea Kissner, Twitter’s chief security officer, reportedly resigned along with other important privacy or security officials, writing on Twitter, “I’ve made the hard decision to quit Twitter.”

After vehemently defending Mr. Musk’s content moderation policies to advertisers, Yoel Roth, the website’s head of trust and safety, abruptly announced his resignation.

Late on Thursday, Mr. Roth identified himself as the “Former Head of Trust & Safety at @Twitter” in his Twitter bio.

Elon Musk Twitter

After Mr. Musk took over, Mr. Roth was made the public face of Twitter’s content moderation.

He had received praise from Mr. Musk for supporting Twitter’s ongoing initiatives to combat harmful misinformation and hate speech.

I’ve heard it said that Twitter as it is now is like a plane in mid-flight without pilots.

It is a significant development that the chief privacy and compliance officers, the chief information security officer, and the head of trust and safety all abruptly left their positions. Given the firm’s continued instability and the already-implemented significant job cuts, it is unclear when they will be replaced.

From a security standpoint, Twitter will, like all significant platforms, be a constant target for hackers and bad actors everywhere, so it cannot afford to lose focus and must continue to make sure that threats are monitored and its systems are strong.

You already know how crucial it is to protect users’ privacy.

Verify on Twitter

You don’t need me to stress the significance of user privacy. Indeed, as we’ve seen, US officials are already closely monitoring what’s happening.

On the other hand, Elon Musk claims that user numbers and engagement are higher than ever. We only have his word for it, but based on anecdotal evidence, I must say that many Twitter Blue subscribers appear content with their new “blue tick.” And regardless of how many there are, every one of them represents new revenue for the company.

However, it’s also producing problems of its own because anyone may now possess a badge, which until recently was a sign of validity, including fakes. And the misunderstanding persists because it appears that this service has been suspended.

Blue Tick Button Floating

Musk has also stated that going bankrupt is a possibility. Although it may seem as though Twitter is hurtling toward a cliff, it’s still too early to tell whether it will be able to apply the brakes in time. “Move fast and break things” was Mark Zuckerberg’s catchphrase in the early days of Facebook; Elon Musk seems to have taken this to a new extreme.

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