What Snip and Sketch?

The Windows 10 equivalent of the Windows Snipping Tool is called Snip & Sketch. It offers significantly more capability while still offering the same screenshot capabilities. Find out how to utilize it on Windows 10 to snap screenshots.

How to Take Screenshots in Windows 10/11

Snip and Sketch make taking screenshots quick and simple. By hitting the keyboard shortcut Windows Key+Shift+S, you may screenshot Windows 10 with Snip & Sketch in the shortest amount of time. By doing this, you may access the Snipping Bar and choose a mode without launching the Snip & Sketch program.

These steps will show you how to use Snip & Sketch, take a
screenshot, and modify or manage it.

1. Activate Snip & Sketch. In order to do this, enter snip into the Windows Search box next to the Start button and choose Open under Snip & Sketch from the list of apps that appears.

2. To access the Delay drop-down menu and choose a delay time, click the arrow next to New. Alternatively, select New. It’s time to open the Snipping Bar.

3. Choose a mode. Select any region of the screen to take a snip if you choose Window Snip or Fullscreen Snip. The screen area you want to snip should be clicked and moved if you choose Freeform Snip or Rectangular Snip.

4. Your snip will appear in the Snip & Sketch window.

5. Finally Click Save Button or Press Ctrl + S

6. Type The file Name and Click Save Button.

Done !!

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