You cannot access your WhatsApp backup stored in your Google Drive or Apple Cloud if you switch from an Android to an iPhone or vice versa. If you want to move your WhatsApp data to a new smartphone OS, follow this step-by-step tutorial.

It is always tempting to purchase a new smartphone. You visit the store, purchase a new device, and benefit from the newest features and technology. If your old and new smartphones use the same OS, even data transfer between them is seamless. However, switching from Android to iOS, or vice versa, causes some confusion. Particularly when you wish to move all of your WhatsApp data. The procedure is somewhat drawn out but not particularly difficult.

You can effortlessly move your WhatsApp account details, profile photo, individual and group chats, message histories, media, and settings from an Android phone to an iPhone. Your call history and display name, however, cannot be transferred. A step-by-step tutorial is provided here for moving your WhatsApp from Android to iOS or iOS to Android.

Transferring WhatsApp data from Android to IOS

Android users can move their WhatsApp data from an old Android handset to a new iOS device by using the “Move to iOS” application. The data from WhatsApp’s payment and call history will not be transmitted, though. The WhatsApp data transfer only functions if the phone is not set up, as readers should be aware. Make care to reset it first if it has data.

1. Install Apple’s ‘Move to iOS‘ application on your android device.

Move to Ips App

2. Open the ‘Move to iOS’ application on Android and follow the instructions.

3. The iPhone will display a code, enter the code on the Android device when prompted.

Code Will Show

4. Select ‘WhatsApp’ on the Transfer Data Screen and tap Start. WhatsApp will prepare data for the export and sign out once completed.

Click WhatsApp

5. Return to the ‘Move to iOS‘ application and tap on ‘Continue’ to transfer data to the iPhone.

6. Once the data transfer is complete, install the latest WhatsApp on your iPhone

8. Login with the same mobile phone number and tap Start when displayed.

9. Once the process is completed, WhatsApp chats will be visible on the new iPhone.

Done !! Now You can WhatsApp Without Losing Old Data !!

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